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Montway Auto Transport is our favorite car shipping company. In addition to low prices, the auto transport broker also offers guaranteed pickup dates. Montway even tries to find GPS-enabled drivers so you can check on the whereabouts of your vehicle. The shipping company’s stellar online reviews might have something to do with its attention to detail. Montway puts each potential carrier through an exhaustive background check to ensure you get the best drivers.

In just three minutes, you can get a guaranteed price without ever having to check your email or call a customer service rep. For example, if you don’t find damage until the next day because your car gets delivered at night, you can still file a claim.

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You can almost see them running around wearing “Montway Compliance Division” superhero capes as they examine crash reports, insurance info, and driver histories. Montway doesn’t make a dime off of these folks. Their entire uss express shopping salaries go towards giving customers the best possible experience. Montway’s attention to detail is a big reason behind its car shipping success. And we’re not talking about how the company organizes its paper clips.

You’ll instantly see the average star rating awarded to each company by past uShip customers. UShip’s Ship with Confidence Guarantee shows just how much the company cares about your vehicle’s safety.

Customers give the car shipping company an average review rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Plus, it’s available in all 50 states. AmeriFreight even has military discounts. Oh yeah, and it has the lowest prices of any company on this list. Sherpa Auto Transport reviews are impressive. The car shipping broker has an average transport review score of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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To find one that contributes $300 to cover your costs is nearly unheard of. It’s hard to emphasize how much Sherpa’s transparent pricing separates it from other auto shipping companies. The Price Lock Promise is a big deal.

  • The best tips for preparing to ship your car include emptying it of personal belongings and making sure the gas tank isn’t more than one-quarter full.
  • The federal government prohibits the transport of most items inside of vehicles during transport.
  • All told, Montway sets the standard for the rest of the industry.
  • What your skills are worth in the job market is constantly changing.
  • The company has a staff of more than 10 people who do nothing but look into the background of potential drivers.
  • The best car shipping companies offer you more than a bare-bones insurance policy.

He brings a BS in sociology and an MPA to the Move team. He would love to hear about your moving experiences and questions at UShip eliminates the need to rely on someone else. You get to see a driver’s entire uss express address history and decide if you like what you see. Nobody else puts that information at your fingertips. If you just need the job done and don’t want to bother with details, go with a traditional broker.

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If you must start a new job or move into your new place by a specific date, American Auto Shipping can speed up your service. It picks up most vehicles within five days, but you can pay an extra $200 to have the driver load your car within two days. If time is tight, you can pay $500 to take care of it in 24 hours.

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In part, it’s due to things like Sherpa’s Price Lock Promise and carrier vetting. But the auto broker also focuses on tiny details that make a big difference. For example, the auto shipper has a Clean Car Guarantee that reimburses everyone up to $20 for a free car wash. Sherpa Auto Transport has some of the most impressive carrier vetting we’ve seen. By carrier vetting, we mean that Sherpa scrutinizes potential truck drivers to make sure your vehicle is in safe hands. AmeriFreight has a gap insurance coverage plan that is next level.

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This is essentially what a broker does before assigning a carrier to your vehicle. Some invest quite a bit of time into it, while others are less thorough. Either way, you have to trust what they tell you. American Auto Shipping has some of the best insurance coverage in the biz. While accidents are rare, sometimes things can go wrong. Maybe the driver gets in an accident or road debris dents your car. If you end up needing to file an insurance claim, American Auto Shipping will pay up to $500 towards your deductible.

It also ensures the carrier has all of the necessary paperwork to transport your vehicle legally. Priority Preferred Rate. This is the best option if you don’t need to ship your car immediately but also can’t wait several weeks for the lowest possible price. It’s the way most car shipping companies estimate your costs. You give AmeriFreight the details of your shipment, and it lets the carriers bid against each other to drive down the price.

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