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Those job vacancies are reserved for current City of Detroit employees. Every User account must contain a unique email address. If you share an email address with another person, and it is already in use, you will not be able to use that email address on your account. You can request a new email address from any service provider (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, etc) or use a work email address on your account. No, the confirmation email message is an automated response to let you know that your application was received. If you are selected to continue in the selection process, you will be contacted directly by the hiring agency.

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We offer professional development, mentoring and training to help you get to where you want to go. You may apply to multiple uss express apply for jobs jobs at a time if you wish. If you are not selected for a job, you can apply to another position as soon as you choose.

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Additionally, we sometimes advertise through colleges, at job fairs, and in newspapers. For merit-covered positions, DAS will qualify applications based on the minimum qualifications of the job classification announced for each vacancy.

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To clear search criteria, click "None" at the top of each search box then click "Go". You can also search for all criteria within a search box by clicking "All" then clicking on "Go". Promotional Jobs View what promotional jobs are available for current city employees. Currently, we are not able to service customers outside of the United States, and our site is not fully available internationally. (Our apologies!) But, the next time you travel to Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, or Virginia—make sure you visit the store “where shopping is a pleasure” during your stay. No matter what field you are interested in, the MTA is a great place to start your career. Get real-world experience while serving your community.


To create an applicant account, go online to /employment and click on jobs or promotional jobs. You must have an email address to apply for a job or create a Candidate profile. This is the only way that USPS can communicate with you about your application and job status. Logging in with your BSC ID number links your job application to your employment record to identify you as an internal applicant. Once you submit an application, you will receive a pop-up message letting you know we’ve received it. The length of time to review your application depends on the position and the number of applicants.

  • The city of Detroit employs over 8,000 employees committed to serving the residents and businesses of Detroit.
  • I am an adult age 18 or older who is interested in the success of a young person I know and have confirmed his/her interest in applying to Job Corps.
  • If you are unable to successfully locate the job you are interested in on our career site, it means the position or store you are interested in is not accepting applications at this time.
  • If at any time you need to exit out of the application, click the "Save Work In Progress" button at the bottom of the page.
  • You can search for jobs, receive priority service at Texas Workforce Solutions offices and access information on transition assistance and benefits.

Learn more about our diversity and Nordstrom Cares programs. Our Human Resources division takes care of our people. They develop and manage programs to support our business goals and build a service-oriented culture based on strong relationships and strategic goals. When our employees are happy, they can focus on making our customers happy. An e-mail address is an electronic mailbox to which e-mail messages can be delivered. There are many free and accessible e-mail providers on the internet that you can use for this purpose. The e-mail address is completely independent of the City’s Jobs page, and any e-mail related questions should be addressed to the e-mail provider’s technical support.

Explore opportunities with a company rich in history and success thrilling customers. Our ecommerce team ensures customers experience the same great fashion and service on and as they expect in our stores. This team works throughout the company to deliver great shopping through cutting-edge technology.

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Continuation in the selection process does not guarantee employment with the City of Detroit. Additional information regarding such pre-employment checks and assessments may be provided as applicable during the hiring process. Nordstrom is a great place to start your career. Nordstrom offers a competitive salary, a merchandise discount, and a terrific environment to learn. Browse job openings, create a résumé and apply for jobs.

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Everyone in our stores works as a team to ensure customers feel good every time they shop with us. The Commonwealth of Virginia is an Employer of National uss express apply for jobs Service. Virginia encourages AmeriCorps and Peace Corps alumni to continue their lifetime of service by applying for jobs with Virginia State Government.

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To stay connected and receive future updates, we invite you to join our Talent Community. Yes, even though an applicant attaches a resume with an application, each applicant must enter a work history entry for each job worked. You may come back to your application to submit at a later time. If working on the Agency-Wide or Supplemental Questions, select “Save Work In Progress” before you exit. Be sure to log back into your account and submit your application prior to the posting close date.

With our sights firmly set on keeping Nordstrom relevant in a fast-changing world, we continue to dream about the customer shopping experience of the future. Our eCommerce team, works to deliver great shopping through cutting-edge technology on and

This is not a vacation photo album; we’re living this life. We’re always evolving to be even more innovative and relevant. Our global accolades are a sign that we’re committed to creating an inclusive workforce that makes the world a better place.

It’s fun, supportive, competitive and a great place to grow your career. Our Supply Chain teams are the silver ribbon running through every product purchased at Nordstrom. Handling everything from processing orders to providing store shipments, Supply Chain encompasses the many many steps required to get products from here to there and back again. Our fashion design team — the Nordstrom Product Group — develops, designs, produces and sources 50-plus private Nordstrom labels. From traditional to trendy, this team is shaping the styles and looks our customer love. On the sales floor or behind the scenes, we’re obsessed with serving customers and, of course, fashion.

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